Plan B Campaign - Win a Double Swag

Published on 07 December 2020


Statistics show 7.4 per cent of all road crashes within the Temora Shire involve alcohol.

The Plan B drink driving campaign, supported by Temora Shire Council, aims to empower drivers to not only make the choice not to drink and drive, but to find a safe way home.

The Plan B – Win a Swag campaign aims to generate discussion among our community to promote choosing an alternative mode of transport rather than drink driving.

The campaign also emphasises that police mobile random breath testing (RBT) operations can happen anytime, anywhere.

If you are out and about drinking, you need to have a Plan B to get home safely such as:

  • Designated driver
  • Taxi
  • Courtesy bus

Temora Ex-Services Club and Shamrock Hotel Motel Temora  have jumped on board the Plan B – Win a Swag promotion helping to deliver the message: DON’T DRINK AND DRIVE.

During December, patrons at participating venues will be invited to enter the competition to win a double swag by nominating a Plan B for getting home.

The winners will be drawn Monday, 21 December at each of the participating venues.

To enter, fill out an entry form and let us know, ‘What is Your Plan B?’.


Did you know? Drivers who commit a low range drink driving offence for the first time will have their licence suspended immediately, effective for three months and also receive a fine. A low range drink drive reading is a blood alcohol level between 0.05 and 0.079.


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