Speeding is Never Safe

Published on 01 February 2021


One of the biggest challenges we face as a community is reducing fatalities and serious injury on our rural road network. Speed is the biggest behavioural factor contributing to death and injury on our local roads in the Temora shire. Speed increases both the risk of having a crash, as well as the severity of the crash outcome. The faster you are going - the more time is needed to avoid a crash. At higher speeds the impact of a crash is more severe, with the likelihood of death and serious injury increasing. When speeding, the distance required to stop also increases.

Deaths on our country roads are closer to home than you think. While country residents make up only one-third of the NSW population, two-thirds of all fatalities occur on our country roads, with more than 70 percent of these fatal crashes involving country residents - someone’s grandmother, grandfather, mother, father, brother, sister, child or neighbour.

Your choice of speed can affect others as well as yourself. By slowing down you reduce the risk or severity of a crash and allow yourself more time to react if other drivers make mistakes. Safety on our country roads is a shared responsibility and we need to avoid risky behaviour when driving. The choices we all make behind the wheel need to be smart and safe. Ultimately, there is no excuse for unsafe behaviour on the road because it can have tragic and life-changing consequence.

We all need to be compliant and responsible when travelling on our country roads, because all road users can make mistakes, but a mistake should never cost someone their life, or their long-term wellbeing.

The road toll is not just a number, it is real people and could include your family and friends. We should never accept that people die on our country roads.

Your speed decides the outcome. Please slow down!


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