Working Within Nature Strips and Road Reserves

Land adjoining properties, located between the road and the property boundary is known as the road verge or nature strip. 
Specific issues covered in the policy include:
- Nature strips
- Road verges
- Utilities and maintenance work
- Gutter crossings and driveways
- Property access
- Firewood Collection
Where works are proposed in the nature strip or road verge, these works can require notification or the consent of Council using Council’s online notification form (below).
Applicants should notify Council three weeks prior to works commencing to allow officers to consider proposals and provide any conditions or comments.
Refer to Table 1 below for details.
Residents are not permitted to close off any part of Council’s road, nature strip, road verge or footpath, for instance due to building or construction works, or in an attempt to manage through traffic, without the approval of Council. Residents must comply with any conditions of consent to ensure that worksites are safe.
Utility companies are infrastructure providers, including electricity, gas, telecommunications and water supply providers.
Utility companies undertaking routine maintenance works on their own assets are not required to notify Council prior to works commencing.

For purposes of this policy, “routine maintenance” is defined as inspections and minor works that do not require excavation or part or full road or nature strip/road verge closures. 

Council will require notification by the utility service provider of planned major works involving Council roads, footpaths, nature strips and road verges, prior to commencement. 
Major works is defined as works that will involve part or full closure of a road, footpath, nature strip or road verge. This includes closing of access for pedestrians or vehicles to use part of a road, footpath, nature strip or road verge due to excavation, the installation of a temporary structure or similar works.
Where works are unplanned emergency works, Council requires notification as soon as practical using the online notification form.