Economic Development

Temora Shire has proven time and time again that it is an ideal location for living, investment, business development, tree changes and overall lifestyle changes.

Those wishing to invest or reside in the Shire are invited to contact Temora Shire Council for information to assist in their planning.

Temora is also a bustling hub of business and enterprise and Economic Development Manager (EDM), Craig Sinclair, is available to potential investors and existing businesses wishing to expand and can offer guidance with government departments who may offer assistance in various forms.

To those starting a business the first time, Temora Shire Council is a member of a group which supports the South West Slopes Business Enterprise Centre. An officer of the BEC attends the Council Chambers on a regular basis and is available for appointment. Interviews can be arranged directly with the EDM. Temora also has its own business group, the Temora Business Enterprise Group (TBEG) which is very active in providing support, training and networking opportunities to its members.



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