Heritage Conservation Area

The National Trust identified a Conservation Area and groups of significant buildings within central Temora in the late 1970s. The listing of these buildings was incorporated into the Temora Local Environmental Plan, which provides statutory protection to all sites within the Shire.

Council expressed a desire to encourage the enhancement of Hoskins Street in the late 1990s with plans to refurbish the streetscape, including footpaths and street furniture. It was recommended to Council that during a similar period to the main street upgrade, building owners be encouraged to restore and refurbish their properties. The first step was to identify properties with heritage significance and advise their owners of appropriate refurbishment actions.

The Study area is that defined by the two roundabouts to the east and west of Hoskins Street. All properties are included in the survey, regardless of their age or condition. All properties with a frontage to Hoskins Street have been provided with recommendations for improvements.

The study is intended to provide to owners of property within the Conservation Area, guidance for the conservation of buildings, relating to restoration, heritage paint colour schemes and advertising. The Council objective is to have consistent measures across the town, which will encourage improved conservation and enhance the heritage character and support the growth of business within these premises.

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