Notice of Committee Meetings


DATE:                Tuesday 7 July 2020

12:00pm:          Youth Committee

2:00pm:          Assets & Operations Committee

4:30pm:          Economic Development and Visitations Committee

6:00pm:          Aerodrome Users Committee


Committee Meetings are held on the Tuesday of the week before the Council Meeting in Council's Committee Room 

Place of Meetings: Council Chambers, 105 Loftus Street, Temora
The meetings are open to the public; an opportunity will be afforded at the commencement of the meeting.
Representations to meetings can be made before they are closed to the public.


2020 Dates for Committee Meetings

11 February

10 March

7 April

12 May

9 June

7 July

11 August

8 September

6 October

10 November

8 December