Sewerage Treatment Plant

The Temora Township is currently serviced by Council’s Sewerage Treatment Plant (STP), which operates under a NSW EPA licence (No: 2523). The STP is located on Teal Street, approximately 3km north of the town centre. As of July 2023, the system services 2160 connections (residential & non-residential), which combined equates to an estimated equivalent population (EP) of 4,750.  

The STP was originally constructed around 1930 with a design capacity of 4500 EP. The treatment plant was upgraded in 2005 to address the following concerns:

  • The treatment system capacity was exceeded during wet weather events.
  • Flow monitoring upgrades were required to comply with EPA Licensing.
  • Emergency by-pass facilities were required to prevent overflows of raw sewage to Trungley Hall Road.
  • Confined spaces entry was required to access the re-lift pump well.
  • Sludge removal required manual handling.

    The existing treatment plant was decommissioned and the treatment process was replaced with an inlet works and lagoon based treatment system with the design capacity remaining the same at 4500 EP. The STP currently treats approximately 800kL of sewage daily in dry weather, potentially reaching 6 times this volume during heavy rain periods. The STP contains the following main process units:

  • Inlet works for screening.
  • Lift pump station.
  • Lagoon system with seven ponds, two of which have submersible aerators.
  • Transfer of recycled water pumped from Pond 6 to the recycled water scheme.
  • 100ML reserve storage in Pond 7 located on the Temora Agricultural Innovation Centre adjacent to the STP.  

Effluent is pumped from Pond 6 at the treatment plant to four storage dams located around the town. These storage dams also receive inflow from stormwater runoff. From the storage dams, 100% of effluent produced is recycled to Council’s numerous parks and gardens within urban Temora.