Sewage Treatment Plant

The Temora Township is currently serviced by Council’s Sewerage Treatment Plant (STP), which operates under a NSW EPA licence (No: 2523). The STP is located on Teal Street, approximately 3km north of the town centre. As of 2014/15, the system serviced a total 2161 connections (which is likely to represent 5000 – 5200 in population). 


The STP was originally constructed in approximately 1930 for a design capacity of 5000 EP. The treatment plant was replaced and significantly upgraded in 2005 to address the following concerns:

  • The treatment system was nearing its design capacity and sometimes capacity was exceeded during wet weather events
  • Flow monitoring upgrades were required to comply with EPA Licensing
  •  Emergency by-pass facilities were required to prevent overflows of raw sewage to Trungley Hall Road
  •  Confined spaces entry was required to access the re-lift pump well and anaerobic 
  • Sludge removal required manual handling

The existing treatment plant was decommissioned and the treatment process was replaced with an inlet works and lagoon based treatment system. It now consists of a design capacity of 8000 EP and treats approximately 820kL of sewage daily in dry weather, potentially reaching 4 times this flow during heavy rain periods. The STP contains the following main process units:

  •  Inlet works for screening
  • Lift pump station
  • Lagoon system with six ponds, two which have submersible aerators
  • Transfer of recycled water pumped from Pond 6 to the recycled water scheme
  •  Chlorination is available

Effluent is pumped from Pond 6 at the treatment plant to four storage dams located around the town. These storage dams also receive inflow from stormwater runoff. From the storage dams, 100% of effluent produced is recycled to Council’s numerous parks and gardens.