Registered Premises

Registering Business Premises with Council

Relevant approvals and certificates are required to be obtained before commencing or changing the use of business premises. 

In most cases you will need to submit a Development Application and obtain a Construction Certificate before commencing the use of a premises or carrying out any building work, including any fit-out work. 

Sometimes, only a Complying Development Certificate is required to be obtained from Council or an accredited certifier and some changes of a similar-type use premises may not require Council approval, subject to certain exempt development requirements being met.

As part of its responsibilities in maintaining public health and safety, certain types of premises to be registered with Council prior to commencing the use of the business. 

Council's Environmental Health Officers and Building Surveyors carry out inspections of these premises from time-to-time, to ensure that relevant public health and fire safety requirements are being satisfied.

Types of Premises to be Registered

The following types of premises must be registered with Council:

  • all permanent and temporary food business premises
  • skin penetration businesses including ear piercing, tattooing, and manicuring
  • hairdressing and beauty salons
  • licensed bars and hotels
  • buildings containing cooling towers and warm water systems
  • childcare centres providing or serving food
  • on-site sewage management systems, including greywater treatment systems
  • places of shared accommodation, including boarding houses, backpackers, B&Bs, hotels, motels and tourist accommodation
  • entertainment venue or licensed premises, including hotels, nightclubs, registered clubs, discos, function centres and other licensed premises providing entertainment

The following changes for these premises must also be registered with Council:

  • change of proprietor or business manager
  • change in business operations
  • change of addresses.