History Groups

Temora Shire History

Temora Shire has been divided into a number of heritage areas, with groups or committees accepting the responsibility of preserving their area's history. Over time, various activities have taken place, specific to the area and its past. Countless hours of research has been undertaken, celebrations held, plaques installed at historic sites, and books published. While some groups have finalised the majority of their activities, some are beginning, or are yet to embark upon the preservation of their history for our future.

Heritage Groups and Committees

  • Temora Family History Group
  • Friends of Temora Shire Cemeteries
  • Temora Rural Museum Management Committee
  • Ariah Park History Group
  • Bectric History Group
  • Combaning/Springdale History Group
  • Gidginbung History Group
  • Mimosa History Group
  • Narraburra/Morangarell/Grogan History Group
  • Pucawan/Quandary/Dunnwell/Curragh/Glynburn History Group
  • Sebastopol/Bagdad History Group
  • Trungley Hall/Duck Creek History Group
  • Temora History Group
  • Temora Shire Heritage Committee