Vision, Mission and Values

Temora Shire Council strives to provide the very best service for the Shire community.

Our Vision

Our community strives to reflect the qualities of its greatest asset - its people, each of whom we value as individuals.

With our rural heritage as our foundation, we embrace change and grasp every opportunity to enhance our environment, economy and lifestyle.

Our Mission

To achieve the best possible outcomes for our community by striving for excellence in all we do.

Our Core Values

We will make the best decisions we can, through:

  • Leadership and Respect - we will act decisively with knowledge and courage in the best interest of our community
  • Integrity and Transparency - we will act honestly and openly in all our dealings with a view to making ethical and equitable decisions

We will always act with the community as our primary consideration, through:

  • Community Focus - we will engage with our community to provide services that respond to community need
  • Future Custodianship - we will always act with consideration of the impact of our actions on future generations

We will value the views and input of others, through:

  • Teamwork and Cooperation - we will work together with open communication to achieve a common goal by sharing knowledge and supporting each other
  • Effective Partnerships - we will treat everyone with respect by being inclusive, non-judgemental and valuing diversity

We will maximise our opportunities, through:

  • Innovation - we will encourage creative thinking and innovation based on detailed knowledge and accept that bold actions carry a degree of risk
  • Continuous Improvement - we will always strive to achieve our goals more efficiently through improvements in process or new technology