Temora Shire Cemeteries


Temora Cemetery, Ariah Park Cemetery and Trungley Hall Cemetery are all located within the Temora Shire.

Maintenance of the new section of the Temora Cemetery are maintained by Council. The Friends of Temora Shire Cemeteries work extremely hard at all three cemeteries to ensure graves are marked, the gardens are looked after and the database of grave locations is maintained.

Recently, Temora Shire Council's Engineering Department underwent the task of collating data, taking photos of gravestones and generating a Geographical Information System (GIS) to assist in locating graves throughout the Temora Cemetery.

The GIS includes a user guide to assist people to search for burials by name. You can also print a report of the information which includes an image of the plot, all burial details and a photo of the headstone.

During the process of creating the GIS, it was discovered that there are around 2,000 burials in the Temora Old Monumental Cemetery that remain unmarked with no known location. These burials are currently associated with the Memorial Wall on the GIS, to ensure the information that is known is available to the public. The Friends of Temora Shire Cemeteries would be very interested to hear from anyone who may know the exact plot location for any of those burials. Please contact Merryl Graham on 0407 037 806 or by email at grahamohs1@bigpond.com.

If you have any general enquiries about burial information, the mapping interface or have upgraded/replaced a headstone and wish for Council to upload a new image to the database, please contact Council's Engineering Department on 6980 1101 or email temshire@temora.nsw.gov.au.

Launch Cemetery Mapping        Cemetery Mapping User Guide(PDF, 574KB)