Road Safety Officer

Road Safety Officer

The Road Safety Officer (RSO) serving the Temora Shire Council is Karen Trethowan.
Karen is the RSO for four Councils; Temora, Bland, Coolamon and Junee Shire Councils and spends time at each Council every week. The Road Safety Officer is responsible for:

  1. the development and implementation of each Council's Road Safety Strategic and Action Plans;
  2. the facilitation of the Local Government Road Safety program in each Council, fostering existing partnerships and encouraging wider community ownership and participation in road safety issues;
  3. the development, co-ordination and implementation of local and contribution towards state-wide and regional road initiatives;
  4. liaison with local community (including service providers, local stake holders, groups and individuals) to develop and deliver road safety messages;
  5. liaison with local and state government agencies and peak representative bodies, the media and educational establishments in order to develop a platform for delivering the road safety message;
  6. meeting, reporting, monitoring, evaluation and budget management requirements according to the Program Agreement between each Council (the employer) and the Roads and Traffic Authority (funding client).

The role of each RSO is to enhance and support the NSW Road Safety Strategy 2012-2021 with the three key areas being:

  • Safer People
  • Safer Roads
  • Safer Vehicles

The RSO, NSW Police, RMS and Local Governments will endeavour to implement initiatives and improve road safety at local level by promoting greater involvement and better coordination with all road safety stakeholders. 

Behavioural issues such as speeding, drink driving, driver fatigue, non-use of restraints, driver licensing and road safety education programs will be addressed under the banner of Safer People. A major step in providing safer roads has been the introduction of lower speed environments. From 1st November all urban areas will be 50km/h. Road design in the future will increasingly focus on the safety of all users with the needs of high risk users such as pedestrians and cyclists being recognised. Road Safety Audit will also be carried out on new roads and improvements to existing roads, safety hazards will be identified and eliminated.

Other issues identified and addressed by RSO's are:

  • Safety around Schools
  • Bus Safety
  • 40km/h Speed Zones
  • Pedestrian Safety
  • Special Mobility Vehicles
  • Child Restraints