When would a Formal Access Application be required?

A formal access application will be required when:

  • the request means that Council will need to consult with other agencies or third parties before information can be released;
  • Where the scope of the information required means that it will take significant Council resources to provide the information; and
  • If the request seeks access to sensitive information

How do I make a formal access application?

To make a formal access application you will need to fill out the Formal Access Application Form  and forward this to Council.

Formal Access Application Form(PDF, 88KB)

Mailing to:
Temora Shire Council
Att: Right to Information Officer
105 Loftus Street

Ensure that you have enclosed a $30 application fee.  Additional processing charges may be applicable, in relation to the formal access application.  An acknowledgement of the application and the requirements of any advance deposit will be provided by Council within five working days.