Heritage Committee

Objective: To protect and conserve areas and items of historic and landscape heritage value.

Meeting monthly, the committee deals with all heritage-related issues, and oversees the running of important initiatives conducted by the Council to ensure the ideal restoration and maintenance of heritage infrastructure

The Local Heritage Assistance Fund distributes $15,000 throughout the shire each year.
The aim of the project is to encourage as much positive work on heritage items in the area as possible. In the process, it is hoped that this will engender greater interest and concern for conservation for all other heritage items within the Council’s area.

An application form can guide interested parties through the process of applying for the fund.

(DOC, 254KB)Download the Application Form(DOC, 254KB)

Council’s Heritage Advisory Service involves monthly visits from Heritage Adviser David Scobie, who looks at issues not only relating to heritage, but also architecture and streetscapes.

Monthly bookings for the free advisory sessions can be made with Council on (02) 6980 1100.