Discounting Desexing Month

Published on 29 August 2022


This September 2022 is Discounted Desexing Month at Temora Veterinary Hospital. We’re encouraging all pet owners in the Temora community to desex their pets by offering low-cost desexing for cats and dogs this month.

Pet overpopulation is an enormous issue in Australia. Our country has one of the highest rates of pet ownership in the world, however our pet population far outweighs the demand. Many cats and dogs end up in pounds or shelters and are unable to find homes, being euthanised as a result.

According to the National Desexing Network, “in pounds and shelters across Australia, 246 lost and abandoned cats and dogs die every day.”

We're urging all pet owners in the Temora community to desex your pets, particularly cats, before the long breeding season in the warmer months. As veterinarians we know firsthand the stress and heartache involved with unwanted litters, and desexing is the best method of prevention.

As Temora Veterinary Hospital’s Dr. Kiri Westphalen states, “not only are there many health benefits for the pets themselves, such as reducing the risks of Pyometra and mammary tumors, but desexing is the most effective way of preventing unwanted litters that will ultimately end up in pounds and shelters."

All owners interested in discounted desexing are encouraged to give us a call to inquire about pricing and book their pet in whilst spaces are available!